Easy Fresh Powder

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Easy Fresh Powder is an ayurvedic remedy to help relieve digestive issues such as constipation, gas, and other digestive problems. It is made from a combination of herbs and spices that help to detoxify the body, reduce inflammation, and improve digestion.

    Key Benefits - Easy Fresh Powder

    Reduces Bloating,
    Indigestion, and Burping

    Restore Gut Microbiome

    Promotes Healthy

    Relief From


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    As consistent with the response and patient feedback, Kayashree Easy Fresh Powder is an effective herbal and Ayurvedic solution for relieving constipation. It does not have any side effects, and results can be seen in as little as 30-45 days when you follow the recommended diet, exercises, and medication guidelines.

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    Frequently asked questions

    How do I use Kayashree Easy Fresh Powder?

    Use 4g Easy Fresh Powder before meals in the morning with normal or lukewarm water. Follow the food plan as prescribed. For better results, take it for 30 days.

    What diet should I follow while using Easy Fresh Powder?

    A balanced diet rich in fiber, fruits, vegetables, and adequate water intake is recommended to enhance the effects of Kayashree Easy Fresh Powder.

    How should I store Kayashree Easy Fresh Powder?

    Store Kayashree Easy Fresh Powder in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture to maintain its efficacy.

    Are there any side effects of using Kayashree Easy Fresh Powder?

    Kayashree Easy Fresh Powder is made from natural ingredients and is generally safe for use without any known side effects.

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