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Liver Detox - Helps in Fatty Liver and Liver Toxins

Liver Detox - Helps in Fatty Liver and Liver Toxins

 Liver Detox is enriched with Vitamins and mineral which helps in liver Functionalities. Also, it is added with 100% Ayurvedic Ingredients which are known as doctor to liver problems. More than 97% patients are recovered from liver related problems. 

☘️ It helps in curing Fatty Liver 
☘️ It enhance liver functions and regularities
☘️ Liver Detox Helps in flushing out Liver Toxins
☘️ It helps in regular blood flow in liver 
☘️ It helps in better performance of liver and keeps fit
☘️ Liver Detox is 100% Ayurvedic and No side Effects
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Prakash Jha

“I've been taking these capsules for a few weeks now and I'm really happy with the results. ”

Vaibhav Mishra

“This product is a must for anyone wanting to improve their liver health. ”

Sukhdev Raj

“This product is great. It has helped improve my liver health significantly.”

Key Ingredients


    lowers the serum lipid levels and prevents accumulation of lipid in the liver cells


    This powerful herb help protect the liver from various toxins, chemicals, and oxidative stress.


    Help protect the liver from damage caused by toxins, alcohol, medications, or infections.


    Known to generate liver cells and improve liver function. It protects the liver from liver diseases


    It is often used as an antioxidant for the liver, and has been proven to remove radicals from the liver

  • Amla

    Help protect the liver from oxidative stress and damage caused by free radicals

Key Benefits

For natural relief from fatty liver and liver problem & better digestive health

  • Detoxify Liver

  • Improve Blood Circulation

  • Regulates Cholesterol Level

  • Relieves Fatty Liver

What experts say about us

Dr. Usha Rana Ayurveda Practitioner, BAMS Ayurveda

“After only 2 weeks on Liver Detox, my patients who were suffering from fatty liver and other liver concerns began feeling better. I recommend using this supplement twice a day after a meal. It can take 3-4 weeks for you to see results. You should prefer Divyashree Liver Detox if you're struggling with liver problems or symptoms”

Dr. Nitika Dev
Dr. Nitika Dev BAMS, MD Ayurveda

“For the past 4 years, I have been referring Divyashree's liver detox and the results are incredible. I have with many patients who were suffering from fatty liver and other liver problems, but they all saw positive results in 1-3 months, depending on the dosage. If you take liver detox capsules daily, you can ensure that you will be healthy and free of any toxins which might be harmful to your system.”

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Precautions to take

  • Strictly follow mentioned dosage. Do not overdose.
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • For best results, stay on a plant-based diet. Consume less non-vegetarian and dairy products.
  • Not to be consumed by pregnant and lactating women.

Frequently asked questions

Who should take liver detox capsule?

Liver Detox capsules are for those who wants to improve their liver health and function. The ingredients in the capsules are all-natural and have no known side effects. However, if you are pregnant or nursing, please consult your healthcare provider before taking this or any other supplement.

I don't have any liver problems or symptoms should I still take liver detox

Absolutely! A liver detox is not only good for people with liver problems or symptoms, but it's also good for those who want to maintain optimum liver health. Liver Detox can help cleanse and detoxify your liver, promote cell regeneration, and help regulate cholesterol levels and fat metabolism.

What is the dosage for Divyashree Liver Detox capsule?

The recommended dosage is two capsules daily with a meal.

What all ingredients are present in Liver Detox

Liver Detox capsules contains herbs like Giloy, Kutki, Punarnava, Arjuna, Bhumi Amla, Daruhaldi that are known for their liver cleansing & detoxifying properties. These ingredients helps to support your natural liver cleanup process and promote optimum wellness.

In how much time I can see result

The results of using Divyashree Liver Detox capsules may vary from person to person, depending on factors such as the state of their liver health before starting the detox and their commitment to following the detox plan. However, most people will start to see positive changes in their liver function within a few weeks of taking the capsules.

Liver Detox - Supplement to help cure fatty liver, liver cirrhosis and flush out liver toxins.

Liver Plays an important in our body starting from digestion, to purifying to regulated pumps but what if the liver is damaged or need repairing. Yes, there are lakhs of patients for fatty liver and liver cirrhosis who are facing alot of issue. Fatty liver results in Poor Digestion, Tirednes, Stiffness, Pain in Back, Low concentration and much more which can also lead to Liver Cirrhosis also. try best Ayurvedic medicine for Liver Health, Ayurvedic Medicine for Liver today. Liver Detox is purely made with powerful and important herbs which helps in curing Liver Health. try Best Medicine for Liver Health and Ayurvedic Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis. Natural Liver Treatment is now with kayashree ayurveda. Contact us today and get the best treatment for liver disease, Treatment of fatty liver, treatment of liver cirrhosis and more and all with ayurvedic way.
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